Project 001

Waterpark project 001Investiment Details(Water Park Equipment)Including 1) tsunami pool 2) Big horn slides3) Monster bowl slide4) Large water house5) children marine style small aqua pl

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planning 002

  Waterpark projects include wave pool, children's wading pool, large water house, big horn slides, space bowl slide, wave slide rainbow (three-color), vertical high-speed slides, open s

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planning 003

  Waterpark projects include wave pool , standard swimming pool, Spa-inspired pool, children's wading pool, a large water house, Rainbow wave slides (three-color), open spiral

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planning 004

  Waterpark projects include wave pool, lazy river , plunge pool, Spa-inspired pool rainbow wave slide, vertical high-speed slides, the sky swirling slides, space bowl slide, open spiral sli

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planning 005

  Water park projects include super double wave pool, python slide, big slide slide, Carnival slide, SPA, vertical speed slides, fast slides, a large loop slide, gallop race slides, water dr

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