Products Water Slide Series Fast speed slides



Product description:

  High-speed slide slope is the steepest, fastest, biggest slide screams produced. Speed drop, completely freefall fun experience, to let people play every pore of the body is full of crazy unforgettable tension and excitement. After the lower end in the end, the ingenious design allows visitors to secure within the chute Decelerating the final dash to the finish area. Stimulation means to achieve five-star, to tourists and onlookers have brought feelings of irritation, crazy screams to the entire waterpark brought joy and excitement of the atmosphere, causing more like the ultimate challenge first to stimulate tourists to experience, it is tourists after the talk comes to an end and the memories of a hot topic.

  Height of the slide is also one of the most classic of the most indispensable water park rides, and also can be designed as a high-speed variable slope slides used in combination, giving visitors a different experience feelings speeding stimulation.