Products Water Slide Series Parents small turn back towering slides


product description:

  Children's small turn back towering slide is my new design and production of parent-child aquatic products, with interesting, high security, easy management and other characteristics, loved by the majority of tourists, in particular, to give children a new experience in water; Way: by an adult with a child riding a double 8-shaped raft skating. Features:

   A. The main body of the slide using high-performance glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials, handmade paste system, with a very strong toughness and hardness, safe and durable.

   B. Slide surface with mint type gel coat with high mechanical strength, high temperature, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and smooth, smooth, anti-ultraviolet, anti-fade and so on.

   C. reception ability, to maximize the shortening of tourists queuing time, great attract popularity.

   D. has a strong visual impact and appeal, can continue to attract tourists to come to play again and again.

   E. can provide a variety of color selection and combination, colorful.